10-Strike LANState

10-Strike LANState 10.02

Perform network management, monitoring, and administration on your LAN

10-Strike LANState is a shareware program for Windows networks.
This software is available for downloading directly from the developer's website. We can evaluate it free of charge. 10-Strike LANState provides a whole bunch of tools which can help us to manage, monitor, and administer in several ways our corporate network. This can be done from a local or a remote position. We are allowed to monitor our network and share connections, monitor servers, hosts, and services, create a network diagram and export it to Windows Visio. We will be notified in case of a failure. LANState has been recently updated. Several Bugs have been fixed. Now it presents a new tool box of features. Now it can use keys in body of e-mail message when an alert arises. It is also possible to check for external applications, VisualBasic and JavaScript, export data and map objects to a CSV file, enter administrator rights which will allow us to access, restart, manage and shut down remote computers, edit startup remotely, and many more. It runs under Windows NT4, 200, 2003, XP, and Vista operating systems and offers partial support for Windows 95, 98, and ME.

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  • We can easily monitor our computer network from one computer
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